First Trackset

Post date: Dec 11, 2015 4:35:06 AM

12/12/2015 Set the first track with tracksetter today starting at the end of the Edna Cr. Road(~8mi. up from Fortine Cr. Road) Track runs about 2 miles up the unplowed portion of Road 433 to the junction of Road 7929. It tracked fairly well but there is varied wheel traffic on the road. I also tracked up Road 3528 to the road end. Snow cover and wheels ruts affected quality of the track and those with wax skis may have to figure the proper wax for daisies and snowberry.

Mixed skiing this week, soft snow Wed. hard pack/fresh snow today. No information available regards Graves Cr. Current logging activity is not accessing the high country but between lo snow pack,thaw,cat hunters and trappers there are a lot of wheel tracked roads out there.

Drove to Skid Cr.(~19 mi WestPinkham) Wed. and (~8mi.Sutton Ridge-494) today. Should be a good base now at both areas and while scanty(2" +) there was a good base on the Beartrap Road off the 494. I hear tell of a skiable base on the Edna Cr. Rd past the county plowed area. Plan at this point is to try to trackset Edna Fri or early Sat. Stay tuned. Let it snow.