Reports and Rumors

2/12/2022 Reset Still, not sure if it helped. ~8snowmobilers,2 Skiers and 1 trapper. The snow softening with sun but still ice at 3PM. Skier's survey: 1 vote too icy,1 vote almost good.

2/4/2022 Reset Va. Hill and Still Cr. today. Robin and I skied parts of both and certify as sweet with the exception of Orbit on Va. Hill between parking and 7147E. We tried skiing off track on 2/9 but with no freeze overnight all was rotted and the compacted track was good.

1/22/2022 Reset Still including Whiskey Springs spur. Day's box score: ~12 Snowmobilers,4 Skiers, and 1 really happy Golden Retreiver. Snow was barely softening by 3 despite Pinkham Sunshine nearly all day. The view from the spur of the Canadian Rockies lit up above the fog was one of those sights which remind you of the beauty we can become inured to. Have heard glades above 7147 on Va. Hill have been skinned and skied by the adventurous. Tracksetting other tracks just a concept at this time.

1/18/2022 New trackset on East Pinkham Rd. which is much more gradual than our usual West Side track. Skied great for full moon. Have heard that the Still and Foothills tracks are beyond adventure skiing. Ole's recommendation: take advantage of the lower elevation crust and try early day lake or meadow ski.

1/8/2022 Picture is reset on Orbit at Dry Meadow-Slick's cut across. Reset Still and Va. Hill today. No interior trails broken recently on Va. Hill but the S-SW glades above Orbit are beckoning.

Dual Set X-C /Shoes 1/5/2021

1/15/2021 Reset Still Cr there was a bit of snowmobile runover on West Pinkham and patchy fresh runover on Cooks between setting and the obligatory test ski. Did not ski as fast as anticipated. The snow or established track has brought in not only grazers but meat eaters as well. Lots of tracks.

1/5/2021 Reset Still Cr. including a snowshoe track thru the gated portions of the track. Likely snowmobile traffic will keep W. Pinkham tracked snowshoers may need a wheel track for Cook's Run. The Vikings and Packers crew broke trail up Foothills-Sinclair. Future plans are to reset tracks after predicted snowfall but before week-end.

12/30/21 Reset Foothills to Therriault gate and to Sinclair gate. Groomers and lone skier certify as righteous. With minimal snow cover we haven't set Indian Springs but cold hardy folks have been skiing there and plan for a "Storm The Links" New Year's Eve ski, no time specified,no track favored but chance meetings of old friends,even older skiers and welcome winter celebrated.

12/28/21 Broke the interior trails Cooks Run, Flattop and Tepee at Va. Hill. Don't recommend Cooks between parking and 7147E. Portion of Orbit we skied was still in good condition. Snow depths ranged from 4" to 1' Current plan is to reset Foothills by the weekend.

12/24/21We set track today at Va. Hill and Still Cr. If NOAA is right about possible snow we may have 10" more up there thru Sunday. No interior trails are tracked on Va. Hill. If we can find hearty and cold hardy skiers hope to break interior trails this next week. Any out there?

12/21/21 The Davey Nesbitt honorable Ski Track got set today. Foothills is set to Therriault Cr.,snowmobile packed to the Pass Gate. Also set the 7077 out to the Gate. Regular wheel traffic on it and snowshoers seeking hides and sun. We all looked down on the grey valley and thought.....Wow and this is for me,us and them. HE,HO,SNOW

\12/18/2021Great season first club tour at Still Cr. Coverage was good, snow dry and welcome warm. Even managed the needed fireside wind down time. With more snow in the forecast and well behaved skiers plan is to reset Edna and Still before Christmas and other tracks as snow permits.

12/16/2021 Trackset Still today including Whiskey Springs. Track is Groomer certified.

12/15/2021 Welcome to Winter ski,Saturday,12/18, 10am,Riverside Park. Plan to ski Still Cr. Loop.Fresh grooming,1-2" new possible and you're pretty sure you remember where you put the skis. White On

12/14/2021 First trackset of season did the whole Edna track plus an up and back on the 3528 Road. Ski report 12/15 says track already getting covered. Still Cr. is ready to set,waiting on grooms to saddle up.

12/6/2021 Skied Lydia today, no base. Snow report from upper Edna has 5" powder, base disappeared in the earlier thaw. With promise of some more snow and a thaw which may establish base material the plan is to set track up Edna by the weekend.

11/20/2021 Skied Clarence-Stahl junction up to Clarence road end. Not ski friendly, 2-3" with scant base starting about 2mi. up Clarence. I suspect about the same distance up Stahl would find a similar base but Stahl is the rougher cobbly road for skiis.

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