Maps / Trail Descriptions


Ski Trails Vicinity Map

Still haven't figured out the public permission for maps on google drive. We can email maps as PDF files or give permission if you email request. 


Since we have no dedicated ski track area our operating philosophy is 'We go to the snow'.  The trails here are ones which are sometimes trackset but each depends on volunteer time and most importantly..snow. The Reports/Rumors page will hopefully have the best information on set trail locations as well as additional areas which have trails broken by other skiers or even groomed tracks.

Meadow Creek

      New this El Nino year(2019) Track starts ~8mile up Meadow Cr. Road out of Fortine at the junction of 855 and 3668 (Thirsty Lake Rd.) It runs up 855 to 3648, up and over Pinkham Ridge to 3644, 3646 to 7147(Tepee Lake Rd.) and back down 7147 to Meadow Cr. It's not as complex as it may sound, either keep bearing right up Meadow or left up Tepee and you'll follow the ski track home. About a six mile ski, gain ~700' vertical. Gentlest slope for downhill, travel loop clockwise. Not set 2022

Virginia Hill Ski Area

Virginia Hill area starts at the first switchback on Forest Service(FS) road 7147(Tepee Lake) which leaves the main Pinkham road at ~11 mile marker. The switchback is ~1,4 mile up the 7147 at its junction with the 7192 Road. At the switchback there is an information box which may contain maps and whatever trail reports skiers leave. The outside loop is ~ 9KM with interior trails. Difficulty is ranked for the various trails but as always highly subjective depending on snow conditions. 500' vertical total it is strongly recommended that skiers climb downhill most difficult (black diamond) runs to scout hazards before pointing downhill. 


Still Cr. Loop

The Still Cr. Loop starts at the end of the plowed Pinkham Cr. Road at  14.2 MP. It follows West Pinkham (Rd. 856) to Road 7951 to Road 7935 back to 856. Total loop is ~ 5 mi. with 400' elevation gain. Less snowmobile traffic is found on the 7935 and 7951 legs.  Those favoring less pitch going downhill like doing the loop counterclockwise.Logging activity this winter no track set. 


Edna Creek

Edna is a higher and snowbelt area starting at the end of the plowed Road at 7.2 MP up Edna Cr. If we are setting track it runs up the main road for ~2mi to the Cayuse junction. From there a six mile loop runs to Pony-Sterling -Edna and back to Cayuse-Edna junction. About 1 mi up the main track Forest Service Road #3528 parallels Edna back east. It is the access to 'secret stashes' for vertical junkies. Last set 12/14, suspect it's a snowy memory.


One of the original trackset trails in our valley, the Davey Nesbitt memorial track. Promoters of the valley will not admit it but when the valley gets the inevitable inversion/reservoir fog Foothills offers locals a sunny escape. At Lick Lake Foothills Rd. #756 is plowed to its junction with Road #7077 with wide parking area. The track up 756 may go all the way to the Therriault Pass  gate(~2.4 miles, 800' climb) and another track out the 7077 road to the gate(~2miles, 300' climb.) with valley peekaboo views. 7077 is likely to have more wheeled traffic

Indian Springs Golf Course 

Infrequently we are treated to valley skiing and if you know how to wax for Elk droppings or just don't worry about such niceties, Indian Springs lets us set track on their course. Look for set track just north of the plowed parking area, east of the main building.