Much Fluff

Post date: Dec 7, 2016 4:58:41 AM

12/06/2016 Have heard that snow depths vary greatly from >12" north of town to 6"+ in Foothills and skiers are out tracking these areas. No base reported at any lower elevations but would expect that grassy or sandy areas should be fairly forgiving to ski bases. On a report of 12" up Pinkham I set track on Still Cr. loop today with less than ideal results as the snow was too light and cold and the tracks on the setter tended to gouge to debris in spots. The best results seemed to be in on the gated still cr rd and I did try packing the Cooks Run leg first with the snomobile and the the setter which helped some with packing. I di extend the track on the gated road up to a vista on the 7943 Road which adds easily a couple+ miles to the trails. With more snow will regroup and add trails.