Ski Report 1/3/2013

Post date: Jan 3, 2014 3:52:43 PM

Skiers believe that weather like this is why God created mountains. When it rains in the valleys we get powder up high. Looks like the snow line is at about 4000' and the amounts vary depending on which side of the valley you ski. For this weekend:

Virginia Hill No new grooming, track has icy spots on 7147 above 7147E junction but 7147E skied well yesterday. I have been parking at that junction and skiing from there. Interior trails tracked 1/2 with best access to top from Tepee Trail

Still Loop: No new grooming but is likely in good shape. Let us know if you ski it.

Hot Tip: Take advantage of light traffic and drive up the 494 rd

. A good road ski is up Beartrap 7980 rd. to the ridge of loop back down 7226 n 7987 back to the 494 if you have a second vehicle. Either way roads had some snowmobile traffic over the holidays and you won't have to break trail on your own thru the powder