Groomers Report

1/302024 No grooming but did test ski all of Still. Bare ground and last pitch before Baney"s Bench but can ski around. Wheel,paw and hoof prints abound. It will take 2-4" to reset. Next up is Edna for setting, by early Saturday a hope.

1/27/2024 Been remiss in updating. Set Still today. With warmer temps estimate best skiing AM. We haven't reset Edna since the snow but guess that snowmobile tracks would be easily skiable. Other mobile tracked areas might be Boulder Road, East Pinkham or Swamp Creek.

 12/4/2023 First trackset of the season up Edna Cr. In an act of faith we packed and set the track on whole loop, snowmobile packed portion of BearFlat. 3-6" of lighter snow over 1" base. Test skied without rock skis. Hope is the pack will help hold base during thaw. Reset when it snows.

  3/12/2023 Saturday the East Pinkham track was set with 3-4" snow and today both legs of Foothills were set. Ksanka gate leg passable, TPass leg better

3/3/2023 Set Va. Hill and East Pinkham tracks today. Not much test skiing but what was tried was a delight

2/27/2023 Set entire Edna loop today and a track up Bear Flat spur to somewhere. Pilot sled missed track and headed elsewhere. Super snow,barely thaw by 2 and 8" light at high point.

2/24/2023 Set East Pinkham to Finger and added short spur up Buckhorn and the A spur. The track was very good for the PinkhamBirkie and snow stayed mostly dry for Darla's last lap ending at 30 miles  Monday hope to set Edna to set Edna.

 2/18/2023 Set East Pinkham track to Finger and spur short way up Buckhorn. 4" of fluff at upper end. Days tally: 4 snowmobilers,three trailers one skier and one dog howling (probably wondering what did I do to get left behind?)

2/16/2023 The upside to snow drought is that tracks remain in fair shape week+ after setting. Va.Hill has wheel tracks on 2/3 of 7147E and ~desperate conditions below the E Spur to parking area. Overall Orbit was fun today. Next time I might drive up to 7147-7147E junction and ski from there.. will be resetting East Pinkham by Saturday morning.

2/10/2023 Set East Pinkham track to Finger Cr.

2/9/2023 Set track today at Edna, whole loop plus Bear Flat. Snow warming at about 1PM but shaded still dry. 5+" of powder over older snowmobile tracks at Edna-Sterling saddle. Days tally: 4 skiers,determined carnivore trekking up high and sunglasses for all. Next up East Pinkham before weekend.

 2/3/2023 Set track today on Orbit,Va. Hill, and East Pinkham to Finger Cr. Saw ski tracks on East and quite a bit of snowmobile traffic. When I last skied East there were new signs of a tracked vehicle. Could be the Search and Rescue call for stuck Side By up Pinkham Mtn? Heard logging equipment down low Cooks Run? Tracks should be fast early slowing on the thaw.

1/28/2023 "What Grooming?" Not done but skiing both East Pinkham and Va.Hill these last two days. 1-<3" of fluff and both tracks in good condition tho some trailbreaking may be needed. Heard Edna had more snow.Hopefully this week we'll say "That Grooming"

 1/24/2023  Finally got back on the board which header claims this is a "repot" Foothills groomed today both to T-Pass and valley overlook out Sinclair. Groomers certified T-Pass as sweet above ~8mile and bless the corduroy below. Sinclair is sad but beautiful, without new snow recommendation is walk up and look down on those valley bound. Trackset targets by Saturday  are Edna and East Pinnkham.

1/18/2023 It were a good Ginzu day for grooming and Orbit on Va.Hill was set including corduroy on early pitches.It was not skier certified. Also set East PInkham to Buckhorn Cr. This track passes as 'flat' by mountain standards, only gaining ~200' elevation over the 2 miles. 

     Va. Hill road was probably the last go trailering without chaining up. The main Pinkham Rd. to the East-West Y "Y" was excellent. The county had graded and sanded. Logging Traffic is expected weekday coming out West Pinkham and down to town. That also means weekends may have drive access to Skid Cr.

 1/16/2023 I try to be sympathetic when people talk about our oppressive winters and try not to point out that I had a fun if slow ski Saturday at Foothills and heard that Edna was also good. The track on Foothills was rotting by 1pm at about 8 mile but snowmobile track was still firm. Fingers crossed,eyes on the thermometer we hope to groom this week.

1/12/2023 Grooming remains a concept at this time due to above freezing overnight temps predicted. We will be watching forecasts and at this time it looks like Saturday or Sunday we may be able to improve either Foothills or Va.Hill. 

1/10/2023 Skied Orbit on Va. Hill today and found spots of snow intercept crust but mainly a scant1-2" of new snow. Fast track but it was just starting to thaw at 12.Suspect softening and slowing as temps rise. Interior trails not tracked recently.T