Gear Garage

If you've been skiing for any length of time or have offspring who have moved on you've likely got excess ski equipment. The gear garage is a place to pass on that old equipment and liberate it from storage.

If you're new to skiing or have youngsters changing sizes and abilities rapidly the Gear Garage is a place to offer to adopt neglected skis.

What are you for?

new stuff


Two pair of 167CM x-c skis, no wax. One pair wide the other narrow. Both with NNN bindings.

Two pair no wax 3 pin bindings 130 CM

One pair 190CM no wax three pin



35 Euro (3.5 kids size)

33 Euro ((2 kids)

30 Euro ( little kids 12.5)

Women's 8.5-9

Men's 10

Men's 11


33 Euro (2 kids)

36 Euro ( (4 kids)